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Wood Floor Sanding, Staining, Repair, Refinishing and Installation in North Carolina


Sanding, Finishing, Restoration, Installation
of Unfinished or Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Gibson, NC

What To Expect During Your Hardwood Floor Installation, Sanding or Refinishing Project

General Information

  • Dust is inevitable
  • Fumes are bad and it is recommended that no one or no pets be in the house while coating the floors
  • All furniture and items need to be removed from areas before we are to arrive

Installation - Sanding - Staining or Natural Finishing

Hardwood Floor Installation

Installation is major construction. We install an average of 300 to 500 square feet per day. This average may vary due to the number of room sizes. We are installing hardwood flooring close to your existing walls. Our workers are experienced and knowledgeable. However, please realize that we are working against walls and need to nail as close to the wall as possible in order to have your flooring firmly nailed in place.

There will be dust during installation due to cutting of hardwood flooring. If at any time during or after installation you have a question or concern, please speak to the installer immediately or call our office.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

During the sanding process, dust in your home is inevitable and we will hang sheets to help keep dust levels down. We sand an average of 1000 square feet per day depending upon the condition of the floor.

Hardwood Floor Staining or Natural Finish

Staining or Natural is the first coat applied. First coat is applied on Day One if sanding is completed. The first coat takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to completely dry. Longer drying times may occur due to weather and/or using a dark stain color. When the floor is dry, you may walk on it, taking care to not scratch off any stain color.

Hardwood Floor Finishing

Finishing consists of two final coats of polyurethane. These coats are completed on Days 2 and 3 providing sanding and first coat were completed on Day 1. On Day 2, the coat of polyurethane applied takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to dry. The final coat will be completed once the 2nd coat is completely dry and takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to dry. Weather conditions are a major factor in drying times. During the winter, keep your heat turned up and in the summer have your A/C on - this will keep an even flow of air moving which helps drying times.

Each day once the floor dries, you may walk on it if needed. 24 hours after the final coat has dried you may move your furniture back in. Do not slide anything across your floors or it will leave scratches. Rugs may be put down after 10 days of the final coat of polyurethane.

Cleaning and Caring of Your Hardwood Floors

  • Vacuum up loose dirt
  • Damp mop (make sure mop is damp only)
  • Absolutely no wax products should be used on hardwood floors (including Murphy's Soap)
  • If your water causes streaks on your floors, you may use a little bit of vinegar in your mop water
  • A new coat of polyurethane may be applied at any time as long as no wax products were used on floors.
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